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How it works

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1) If you don't have an account, click the ZOOM icon and register (Free)

2) Check out all of the tools and courses we offer by clicking HERE

3) Choose which teacher you would like to have your trial lesson with. OUR TEACHER

Important: Every student is entitled to 1 trial lesson of any instrument. After that, if you want to try a different instrument or teacher, you must buy at least 1 class to be eligible for 2.

4) Fill out your form HERE and let us know your preferred schedule for the trial lesson using the "Message" column of the form

5) A fter the sample lesson -> OK .. because everything is now clear, you simply select how many courses you want to book HERE
  * It is important to remember that we have discounts from 4 lessons. ->   * Don't forget to choose a version of the lesson with simultaneous translation if the teacher does not speak your language.
6) Now simply plan the courses you have bought here in our contact form or directly with the teacher (if he speaks your language) WE WISH YOU THE BEST IN LEARNING!

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